Angel Pack Red Dot

Angel Pack Red Dot

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Made with solid black fabric that is 100% certified organic cotton and processed eco-friendly. The designer print fabric on the body and hood is 100% cotton.

Angel Pack LX

We can't even tell you how much we love this carrier. The cut is perfect and comfy for all body types and sizes.

The AngelPack baby carrier is made in the USA.

It is professionally sewn multiple times for strength and serged for durability and trimness. The straps are padded at the shoulders for comfort and the perfect width to distribute the weight evenly.

It is reversible so you get two baby carriers in one.

Includes a velcro pouch with a hood to keep sleepy heads cozy and other essentials convenient.

Fits XS-XL in women and men sizes. It can carry newborns, toddlers, and premature babies too.

It is made of Top Quality Designer Fabrics and 100% cotton.

Carrier Dimensions
* Approximate baby carrier dimensions:

* 17"-17.5" tall (including rounded head rest)
* 13" wide at the base and 16" at the top.
* Upright straps set at approximately 12" apart.
* Waist strap is padded and about 3.75" wide and 25" long.

Price: $139.99